Digitizer Update 7 | Two-Laser Scan


What’s better than one laser? You guessed it: two. Why? Because, lasers!

Last week, the MakerBot development team passed a major milestone, equipping the Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner with a two-laser system. Now that the Digitizer is packing double the heat, it can average the data from two scans to produce a more accurate model. We showed you the 3D model of a puppy that we scanned with two lasers, but check out the contrast when we used just one. From refinement on the snout to the removal of artifacts, the two-laser scan shows vast improvement.

We’ve been inspired to re-scan some other objects to compare the results. For example, this thrift store totem has been captured in greater detail using two lasers, including an impressive rendering of the top of the object.


We’re so pleased with the results that we decided to share this model, along with everything else we’ve scanned so far, in a new Thingiverse Collection called “Digitized!”.

The increasingly great progress coming out of the lab is getting us really excited about scanning things, and about our forthcoming MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner.

Tweet @MakerBot or leave a comment below with your suggestions on what we should scan next week.