Digitizer Update 5 | Watertight Scans


When we announced the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, we asked people what they would scan. Art and artifacts were at the top of the list. This week we scanned this ancient relic we found at the thrift store to test and see the print results from our scan.

The Digitizer’s software automatically finds the bottom of the object and creates a closed flat surface. This is important because 3D models that aren’t completely watertight, or “manifold” in technical terms, can cause major problems for 3D printing algorithms. Making a model watertight can be labor intensive, so we automated the process.

There’s also the option to flatten the top of your model. Above, you can see what the scan file would look like without the flattened top (left) and what it looks like after this option is applied (right).

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