#MBME | Local Motors

Meet the Rally Fighter by Local Motors. Like the MakerBot, this off-road auto was inspired and brought to life by a dedicated team of engineers with a DIY spirit. In fact, Local Motors’ untraditional sales process includes inviting customers to the company’s headquarters to help build their car alongside the engineers. The Rally Fighter may use some mass-manufactured components (like engines from GE), but the Rally Fighter is, at its core, a custom car from the body to the chassis. Needless to say, Local Motors does a lot of prototyping. That’s why Local Motors designers are using a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer to prototype and produce parts for the Rally Fighter, like these side-mirror extensions. Check in on the progress they’ve made so far: http://localmotors.com/microfactory/live/using-the-makerbot-3d-printer-for-production-rally-fighter-parts/


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