#MBME | More Signal, Less Noise

Ever wondered what audio sounds like on an iPhone 4 video taken from a dirt bike driving 100 miles an hour? The answer: not so great. It sounds less like thrilling dirt bike ride and more like a bunch of wind. So Mark Shorey set out to make a better dead cat. No, not an actual dead cat: that’s film production jargon for wind screens that use synthetic fur to cut out ambient noise. Shorey’s company DeadCatDot was told the unique shapes of their products were too hard to make with traditional methods, so 3D printing was the answer they needed. The company prototyped two types of dead cats using their MakerBot Replicator 2, along with several devices for keeping videos stable, and saved “tens of thousands of dollars” along the way, according to Shorey. They’re also purchasing a second Replicator 2 for production overseas. You can hear the impressive results on the DeadCatDot site.



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