What’s New With The MakerBot Digitizer: Update 1

We’re kicking off a series of updates regarding the MakerBot Digitizer, the Desktop 3D Scanner we launched as a prototype at SXSW. Why weekly updates? Because we want you in on the action.

Our central goal with the Digitizer is to make an affordable 3D scanner that works perfectly with our Desktop 3D Printers. We don’t want scans that you have to clean up and cut flat surfaces into. Off the scanner, into the printer. We know that’s what you want, so that’s what we’re working toward.

Here we go! The first couple of models we have to share are both pretty famous at this point: our Garden Gnome and the Stanford Bunny.

We’re getting some pretty good detail on the scans. The gnome’s beard and suspenders show this off nicely. Again, this is the scan directly from the MakerBot Digitizer, without any repairs to the outer surface.

_MG_2872 _MG_2873


And here’s the Stanford Bunny.

_MG_2841 _MG_2842

This is an exciting scan. The bunny’s ears were captured perfectly, with no extra material between them. We look for good results like this that show deep crevices on an object.


Stay tuned for more updates on the MakerBot Digitizer. We also have an email list that you can sign up for at makerbot.com/digitizer. When you’re there, be sure to tell us what you’d scan, and keep your feedback coming in the comments.

You can see the full “Digitized!” collection here.