Come To The First Ever Thingiverse Hackathon!


In the most exciting news of the entire week, we are announcing the first ever, and the first annual, MakerBot Thingiverse Hackathon.

Please join us for this two-day event if you are a developer with ideas to share on how we can explode the incredible potential of our website Thingiverse. Come alone, or come as a team. There will be prizes, but the biggest prize is the possibility of building a Thingiverse App that thousands and thousands of people will use.

In January we launched the MakerBot Customizer. It’s an App that allows Thingiverse users to upload not just 3D designs, but 3D designs that can be customized by other users. So any Thingiverse user can build unique things without any kind of 3D design skills. The Customizer has become incredibly popular and there are already hundreds of customizable designs.

Customizer is awesome, and your App should be the next groundbreaking use of the Thingiverse API.

Click here for more details about the event and to get signed up. This is going to be AWESOME.