Design Unique Things Easily With MakerBot Customizer

In 2008, was created as a place for anyone anywhere to share files and instructions for making things of all kinds. It worked! With over 10.8 million downloads and an increasing rate of uploaded 3D digital files, Thingiverse really has become the best place to get and share downloadable 3D things.

In 2013, we’re turning MakerBot Thingiverse into a place to create things, too. Last week at CES, we launched MakerBot Customizer. It’s an app that lets anyone create unique things from a set of parameters and inputs, built on the program OpenSCAD. Here’s how Customizer works.

1. A designer who knows how to create designs using OpenSCAD dreams up a customizable thing, like a chain that can have any number of links, or a snowflake ornament with a changeable pattern. Resident Thingiverse expert MakerBlock has shared a ton of great information in his OpenSCAD Tutorial Series.

2. Once it’s uploaded, any Thingiverse user can change and customize that template into a unique new thing, right inside Thingiverse with slider bars and other simple tools. Then you can download and print it with the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

Think about it for a second: the possibilities really are endless! Just about anything can be created that can be customized in any number of ways. You’re the designer, and the tools are easy! Check out these examples.


There’s no limit to how many times you use MakerBot Customizer on any one design. So go ahead and make iPhone cases for everyone you know. There are already over 50 (yes, fifty!) things on Thingiverse that you can customize using MakerBot Customizer. Just look for the “Open in Customizer” button! Check ’em all out here.

We hope you enjoy using this awesome new tool. MakerBot wants everyone in the world to be able to design things that they can use or that just make them happy, even if they don’t know 3D design. MakerBot Customizer puts that power in your hands.