NEW: MakerWare 1.1 and MakerBot Firmware 7.0

We’re excited to announce the next step forward for our software with the release of  MakerWare 1.1 and MakerBot Firmware 7.0!

What’s New In MakerBot Firmware 7.0?

MakerBot Firmware 7.0 includes greatly improved acceleration, using contributions from our rockstar community members, Jetty and dnewman, to allow for smoother movements, better quality on high-detail prints, and a quieter machine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Firmware 7.0 uses a new file format, X3G, for printing from an SD card. You can export X3G files from MakerWare 1.1 or ReplicatorG 40.
X3G files are NOT compatible with firmware earlier than 7.0. If you are using Firmware 6.2 or earlier, you must choose to export S3G files.

What’s New In MakerWare 1.1?

  • Major print quality improvements in MakerBot Slicer (formerly known as “Miracle Grue”) make it significantly faster and more accurate in slicing and printing detailed models on the Low and Medium settings. 
  • Slicing profiles for Skeinforge and MakerBot Slicer are now fully editable! Customizing slicing profiles is recommended for advanced users only, but if you’re ready to take the plunge, see our Advanced Settings documentation to get started.
  • Automatically arrange a cluttered build plate using the Auto Layout option – choose Edit -> Auto Layout All or press Ctrl-L.
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes! See the complete list below the fold if you’re interested.

How Do I Get Up To Date?

Please download the latest version of MakerWare (you can grab it here) before attempting to install new Firmware. You can upload the most recent Firmware from inside MakerWare via the Bots -> Upload Firmware .
If you need any help, feel free to reach out to the MakerBot Support team:
Read on to see the full Firmware 7.0 and MakerWare 1.1 Feature List.
Firmware 7.0
  • Greatly improved acceleration:
    • Better quality on detailed prints
    • Fixed many small bugs
    • Stepper motion is smoother and quieter
  • Heaters default to staying on more often, option to keep heaters on when cancelling
Makerware 1.1


  • Separate ‘Open’ & ‘Add’ options
  • Open/save files from last location
  • File -> Open Recent options
  • Better handling of broken files


  • Resize the platform to match your bot type
  • Configure object colors shown

Print Setup

  • Auto layout
  • Object checks on open:
    • Is it on the platform?
    • Is it too small?
  • Select/Deselect All
  • Scale -> Max Size button
  • Improved drag transformations
  • Ctrl-Drag for rotation snapped to grid
  • Support for improved firmware acceleration (X3G)
  • Default to settings from last print
  • Improved print/export dialog UI
  • UI features:
    • Custom slice profiles
    • Cancel during slicing
    • Better feedback during long slices
  • MakerBot Slicer features:
    • Major quality improvements to fine detail prints
    • Better handling of objects with thin walls
    • Zero infill produces hollow objects without strings
    • Configurable infill-shell overlap produces smoother outlines
    • Overall speed & performance improvements:
      • Slices without support almost twice as fast
      • Slices with support many times faster
Installation & Upgrades
  • Both Mac & Windows:
    • Install without an internet connection
    • Show release message on first run
    • Code signing
  • Mac:
    • No need to drag the app to the trash to upgrade
    • Uninstaller now included
  • Windows:
    • Checks for MakerWare already running when install starts
    • Can safely install on systems with 64-bit installations of Python
    • Improved installer logging
Bug Fixes:
  • Repeated folder inside Examples menu
  • Freeze on opening an object on some Mac systems
  • STL files saving with .thing extension on Macs
  • Objects not selectable on some Windows systems
  • Black bar at the bottom of the window on some Windows systems

UPDATE! The Windows registry bug that some users experienced when installing MakerWare 1.1 has been fixed! We are very sorry for the inconvenience and standing by to help you resolve the issue. MakerWare 1.1.1 is now available for download for Windows users. If you need any help fixing this install error, please contact