Saving Christmas, one headband at a time

Broken headband, fixed headband

Broken headband, fixed headband

Days before Christmas my daughter brought me her favorite headband.  With teary eyes and a quavering voice she explained that something had rolled over headband, cracking it.  The green ribbon had unraveled and the broken plastic interior had a clean break and was clearly beyond repair.  After helping her dry her eyes I told her I would see what I could do.

After about five minutes of measuring the broken pieces and some quick and dirty OpenSCAD design, I had a file ready for my Replicator1  I had my daughter sit with me as I unwrapped the ribbon from the broken plastic insert and re-wrapped it around the new printed headband insert.  I ended up having to twist and destroy one of the larger pieces of the original plastic insert to get it completely out of the tightly wrapped ribbon.

Besides learning with her about how her headband was manufactured and what could be done to repair it, we discovered how easy it would be to create an entirely new headband using another plastic insert and some ribbon.  I think my favorite part of the process came when I told her that I would have to destroy the remaining part of the original insert in order to “remake” the headband.  While a simple clean crack was enough to evoke tears, she didn’t flinch at the prospect of watching her headband further deteriorate so we could create a new one.

  1. Due to the size of the headband and its low footprint, I had to use several “mouse ears” to keep it adhered to the build platform while printing.  If you’re not designing your parts with these handy little additions, you may want to give this a shot. []