Lifetime Build Statistics On Your Replicator

Okay, who can beat this? John Biehler writes on his Flickr page that he had had his MakerBot Replicator 2 for just over a month (as of December 11), and already clocked 222 hours of build time! That looks like a figure we’d expect here at our headquarters.

To find your build time numbers, use the arrows on the interface of your Replicator or Replicator 2 to navigate to “Info and Settings”. From there, select “Bot Statistics” and see the sum of all your hard work. This feature has only been available in the latest versions of MakerBot Firmware for Replicators. If you haven’t updated to Firmware 6.2, go ahead and do so now through MakerWare or ReplicatorG.

Can you beat 222 hours?