Software Update! Fixing “Roofing” Issues In MakerWare

Last Thursday, most of us said a little thanks for the roofs over our heads. Now we can be thankful for the roofs over our 3D things!

Our Software Team has just released MakerWare version 1.0.3., which solves an issue with the “roofing” of a model when using the High resolution setting. In the previous version of MakerWare, a glitch was causing models sliced at the High resolution setting to have holes and weak spots in the top layers. Version 1.0.3 fixes that issue. The piece on the left was made before the update, and the piece on the right was made after the update.

If you mostly use the Low or Medium resolution settings, don’t worry, this won’t change anything for you. If you were shying away from High resolution in MakerWare because of the roofing issue, try MakerWare version 1.0.3 and see if it solves the problem. You can either download the latest version from our website, or simply choose to download it the next time you open MakerWare on your computer.

As always, if you need a helping hand, be sure to reach out to our Support Team.