Thingiverse Superstars: Part 2

In case you missed it, this week we launched some new ways to use Thingiverse in our quest to make it the best place to get and share downloadable 3D things. Now when you hit the site, you’ll see the new Dashboard. Give it a try! Dashboard is an activity feed that makes it easy for you to track what you are interested in most on Thingiverse. Check this post for more details, or click here to take a tour right away.

From the start, Dashboard shows you updates on your own activity. However, the way to really make it useful is to Follow some users that upload awesome things. We’ve already seen a ton of Following activity since yesterday. In response to our tweet yesterday about Thingiverse Superstar Andreas, TheNewHobbyist tweeted:

Why thank you, Chris.

We made a list internally of some of our favorites and invited them to upload great new stuff this week, and they delivered. Read below for the second installment of our Thingiverse Superstars series, and check yesterday’s list if you haven’t already. These are a dozen or so of the people who really inspire us, so we think you should login to Thingiverse and Follow them right away! But, of course, we’re all different. Take a look around and see who inspires you, and then let them know by clicking Follow on their page.


Another notable Thingiverse contest winner! Aubenc’s iFlail design won him recognition in the Engineer vs. Designer-MakerBot challenge, where the task was to develop an “ironic, backward, cynical, or comically self-defeating” accessory for the iPhone. Yet, many of aubenc’s ideas on Thingiverse are intricate, useful, extremely well-designed, and very popular around the world. You’re going to love his amazing Coffee Grinder, which is actually a pencil sharpener with a complex set of internal gears, based on the shape of vintage coffee grinders. Follow aubenc and fill your days with occasional amazement.

aubenc’s Greatest Hits

Coffee Grinder

Paper WindMill (polyhedra-folie)

Tiny Planetary Gears Set



With designs that have garnered well over 2,000 likes, Mark is one of the most popular users on Thingiverse. He’s also one of the most prolific. Check out his huge variety of chess sets and pencil holders, along with many, many more designs. You’ll see his 3D Knot just about everywhere, and many a pencil at MakerBot headquarters lives in the Spiral Cup you see below. Follow this influential Thingiverse user today!

MakeALot’s Greatest Hits

Big Ben

Spiral Pencil/Candle/Toothbrush Cup

3D Knot



Thingiverse is a place for people to become pioneers within one certain area. Mike Moceri has become exactly that in the world of 3D scanning other people. Mike has scanned over 230 people using an Xbox Kinect and the software ReconstructMe and shared nicely organized sets on Thingiverse. He’s also a go-to resource for scanning with 123D Catch, and a real leader on Thingiverse. Today Mike made an entry for all the heads he’s ever scanned, which is sort of a Thingiverse monument; and an impressive one!

Moceri’s Greatest Hits


Sue: The Model T. Rex

Minecraft Topography



This user’s profile says, “I’m really, really into making fun stuff. I can’t turn it off.” He means it. Zheng3 created Seej, an awesome tabletop wargame that’s centered around 3D printing. His latest upload, though, is useful and attractive: a perfectly designed set of curtain rod brackets, which, when spray painted black, look just like cast iron. Zheng3 is just the kind of creative tinkerer you want to follow.

Zheng3’s Greatest Hits

Curtain Rod Bracket, +1

Dice Mold, Sidewalk Chalk

Seej Starter Set