Thingiverse Superstars: Part 1

Today we launched the new Dashboard and Follow features of Thingiverse. As these were being developed, we had in mind some of the users who have been instrumental in making Thingiverse the best place around to get and share downloadable 3D things. For the next few days, we’ll feature a few of these people at a time. They’re our Thingiverse Superstars.

When you get started with Dashboard, these users and those that we will feature for the next two days are our top picks for who to follow right away! Be sure to let us know in the comments who inspires you on Thingiverse. Who are the trendsetters you want to Follow, and who would you like to have Follow you?



Very few Thingiverse users have had the impact of MakerBlock, a long-time enthusiast who has blogged extensively for MakerBot. Among his more than 135 designs, you’ll find practical everyday things and projects that just seem to make him happy. Our favorite is still the custom toothbrush holder that he and his daughter designed together. His latest design, OpenSCAD Voltron, Defender of the Thingiverse, is a perfect example of what can happen when Thingiverse inspires someone to learn 3D modeling. MakerBlock continues to raise his game!

MakerBlock’s Greatest Hits

OpenSCAD Voltron, Defender of the Thingiverse

Toothbrush Holder

OpenSCAD Pirate Ship (photo from aubenc)



3D artist Andreas has submitted an even dozen designs to Thingiverse, all of them awesome. His characters are curvy and fun, and Pet monster Blobby earned Andreas first place in the 3D Artist Pet Monster Design contest. Pet Monster Chubs is a favorite design over here at the MakerBot headquarters, and we usually have one or two on our table at events. Follow Andreas to see one of the best character designers on Thingiverse. Just look at his latest, Knight!

Andreas’ Greatest Hits

Pet monster Blobby


Pet monster Chubs



Without a doubt, emmett has become one of the most well-known and influential Thingiverse users, with designs like Screwless Heart Gears and DNA Playset. Emmett’s Stretchy Bracelet is a mainstay in the 3D printing world and has been downloaded over 1,800 times. While his designs are fun and functional, you’ll notice there’s a lot of math going into several of them. Emmett’s newest contribution is a Sleeve Valve Engine Model, a “fully printable, snap-together model of a 4-stroke engine that clearly demonstrates the four strokes: intake, compression, expansion and exhaust.” Now we know what aerospace engineers like Emmett do in their spare time.

Emmett’s Greatest Hits

Sleeve Valve Engine Model

Screwless Heart Gears

Stretchy Bracelet



Scenic designer Kacie Hultgren has contributed more than just great designs to Thingiverse; she has consistently shared her knowledge and expertise with the whole community. Kacie is the resident expert on Thingiverse in working in scale, and in fact she wrote a whole series of blogs for MakerBot on that topic. You’ll be amazed at the ingenuity of her designs, especially in pieces like her 1:24 scale Wicker Furniture Set, or flexible chainmail Clutch. Her latest piece is a brilliant Zip Top Bag that makes use of designs from two other Thingiverse users.

PrettySmallThings’ Greatest Hits

Zip Top Bag


1:24 Oversized Armchair