Introducing MakerBot Thingiverse Dashboard And Follow Features

Today we’re announcing very exciting new Thingiverse features to help you find, manage, and Follow the 3D Things, designers, categories, and tags you like and care about most.

For those new to desktop 3D printing, MakerBot’s website Thingiverse is the best place to get and share downloadable 3D Things, most of which can be made with a MakerBot Desktop 3D Printer.  Thingiverse is the go-to place to find out how to make any physical thing.  Since 2008, Things on Thingiverse have been downloaded more than 8.5 million times, and as of November 1, 2012, there are more than 25,000 digital Things just waiting for you to download and make.

The MakerBot Thingiverse Dashboard – The Convenient Way to Track and Get insights into Your Things!

Introducing the Thingiverse Dashboard, the all-in-one place to track your favorite 3D Things, designers, and activity on Thingiverse.  With just a few clicks you can turn your Thingiverse dashboard into a home base that holds all the content you want to see and keep track of in one easy-to-access place.  You can find your Dashboard by clicking the top left tab on the Thingiverse homepage when you sign in. Click here to take a tour!

The Thingiverse Dashboard shows an up-to-date Thingiverse activity feed.  Use your Dashboard to:

●  Follow users to get updates when they’ve published or made a 3D Thing, or when their work is Featured.
●  Find out immediately when someone Follows you
●  See updates on your own Things: who’s making, liking, remixing, and commenting on them.
●  Watch Things that other people have made to get updates on new comments or remixes.
●  Watch tags or categories that are of interest to you, so that you’ll always be current on the Things you dig.


Introducing the Follow button that will connect you to the Thingiverse users that inspire you. When you Follow another user, you’ll always know what they are up to. Pretty soon, the world will realize that some of the most ingenious designers, engineers, and hobbyists are all on Thingiverse sharing their incredible work. If you’re reading this, you’re in on the ground floor. Share the knowledge!  Start Following!


By watching a 3D Thing, you’ll get a notification when the designer updates it, or when someone comments on it, makes a copy of it, or remixes it. Some digital designs inspire a whole family of new 3D Things, and the Watch button helps you keep track of those. You can use the same Watch button to keep an eye on a particular Tag or Category, too.

For years, Thingiverse users have been tagging their uploads with useful descriptors to make browsing easier. Recently, the Thingiverse team introduced Categories for an even quicker drill-down experience into the Things that interest you most. Now you can Watch a Tag or a Category to get those updates in your Dashboard. If you’re a teacher, the Learning Category is a great one to Watch right off the bat. If your interest is more specific – say, Thanksgiving, or Masks – finding the right Tag is your best bet.

Here’s what to look for.


These new tools are part of our effort to make Thingiverse the best place to get and share downloadable 3D things. If Thingiverse is the universe of Things then the Dashboard is your personal solar system. Make it personal, make it awesome, make it home.