Huge Time Lapse And Gumball Machine Collectibles On Thingiverse


The public has been clamoring to see some more time lapse video of the MakerBot Replicator 2. Well ask and ye shall receive! Courtesy of Video Superstar Annelise, here is a 14.3 hour print condensed into a 1 minute video. That’s 860X! If only we could do that with building actual cities.

Good news! This Cityscape plate is up on Thingiverse for your own making. The file available for download is scaled for the big build plate of the MakerBot Replicator 2, so keep that in mind in case you need to change the dimensions for your own machine.

That’s not all on Thingiverse today. Our Design Team have been active cooking up pieces for the super popular Gumball Machine at the MakerBot Store. Today we published the remaining sets of these collectibles. Check them out! If you have friends visiting New York City, tell them to bring you back some MakerBot love. These sets will be in the Gumball Machine through October 2012. Collect them all, or download and make them yourself!