Pixil Agency Uses MakerBot For 3D Film Title Sequence


Well color us excited for this.

The good guys at Pixil Agency, in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida, have collaborated with Remedy Films for a new concept of MakerBot in  live action film. They give a teaser on their site:

Imagine for a moment, a 3D printed title on a rail and in focus as a rider slides across and hits the name, sending it spinning in camera at 1000 frames per second.  Yeah, that would be pretty awesome!  At those speeds, as you can see in this demo video [above], water droplets are crystal clear and perfectly defined.

It’s awesome to see this fun use of MakerBot-made lettering, and we are excited to see the final product. The Remedy Films logo in the video above was made on Pixil’s MakerBot Replicator. As it happens, several of us got to meet with the Pixil masters Pedro (aka videopixil on twitter and Thingiverse), and Noe (aka ecken on twitter and Thingiverse), and Nick (twitter), just as they were getting in town for Maker Faire New York. If you don’t already follow these guys, please do so. They share cool things about MakerBot, their own awesome projects, and 3D printing in general.

If you happen to be in New York City, please take the chance to connect with our team. The new MakerBot Store in Manhattan is the perfect meeting place. Here’s a shot of yours truly, Video Superstar Annelise, MakerBot Designers Todd and Matt, and the gentlemen of Pixil. Hope to have them back soon!

Left to right: Andrew, Todd, Pedro, Annelise, Matt, Nick, Ecken