NASA Langley Center To Celebrate 95th Anniversary With MakerBots

Before we hit the end of our countdown, in a couple hours, let me share with you some fun news from NASA.

We’re a company primarily of engineers and robot nuts, so naturally we’re no strangers to NASA here. It’s become clear that they’re no strangers to MakerBot either. In fact, several NASA centers around the country use MakerBots and MakerBot filament in their research and education programs.

This week we got an update from the NASA Langley Research Center, where they have been using MakerBot Thing-O-Matics for a while to educate the public about 3D printing. In their personal fabrication lab, or “pFab Lab”, they are able to use the MakerBots for impressive sounding applications like “Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication Dual Feed Guide Wire Holder”, and “Artificial Magnetic Conducting Back plate”, and “Rocket Camera Mount”. And then there’s my personal favorite, “Pillow Tank”. They’ve prototyped these pieces for form and function.

This center has also been fantastic about bringing their Thing-O-Matics out to events. This summer, the group acquired a Replicator and on Saturday, Sept. 22, you’ll have the chance to visit with them for the Open House of the 95th Anniversary of the NASA Langley Research Center. Yes, that is correct, the ninety-fifth anniversary! The pFab Lab will be printing miniature space shuttle models to hand out to visitors. Given the retirement of the shuttle program, what a cool souvenir to have from NASA’s oldest center.

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