Black Dynamite Says: Dutchmogul Is A Winner!


A winner has been chosen in the Black Dynamite design contest, and the winner is superfly. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the baddest,  rhymingest THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN.

To participate in the contest, Black Dynamite asked fans to upload their own designs inspired by the 2009 movie. There were some incredible contributions. The selection committee, including MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis, chose dutchmogul’s awesome collection of Black Dynamite game pieces for the Ill Gotten Games Pocket-Tactics series. The set included some killer original 2D art as well.1

Over here at MakerBot headquarters, the contest was a huge hit, and we are thrilled that the good people over at BD let us be a part of it. It was cool to see people already in the Thingiverse community letting their fan flags fly, and even cooler to see awesome new people jumping into the Thingiverse game, like Seforin and toddie123! Special kudos to Thingiverse user matrhint for his big contribution to this contest.

As the winner, dutchmogul will receive a prize package from Black Dynamite and MakerBot. Want to see more stuff from Black Dynamite on Thingiverse? Keep uploading your ideas! Tag things “Black Dynamite” and get the attention of that community. Who knows where your design might be seen!


  1. Note: the last two blog posts have been about Black Dynamite and dutchmogul’s Pocket-Tactics series. We swear this was not coordinated! []