Movie “Black Dynamite” Holding Thingiverse Design Contest!

The coolest thing is happening on Thingiverse right now. A movie has launched its own Thingiverse page and is hosting a design contest among its fans. Whoa! Here’s a little background.

In 2009, the film Black Dynamite hit the scene and built up a big following pretty quickly. Just a few weeks ago the same group launched an animated series on Adult Swim about the same group of characters, and the reviews have been incredibly positive. A warning to our younger readers, or to our readers with kids: this is pretty adult stuff!

Now these folks are inviting any fan of Black Dynamite to design something original. They tell us that the favorite design at the end of the contest (hurry! It ends Saturday!) will be featured as an official Black Dynamite design on their Thingiverse page, meaning that when any fans of the movie or TV show hop onto Thingiverse, they’ll see your name as the featured designer. Pretty sweet.

To get you started they’ve uploaded an incredible scan of the main character of the movie (above), played by Michael Jai White. According to the page, you can feel free to use this bust for mashups or upload something totally original.

Redesign our already beautiful model or come up with your own brilliant design from the Black Dynamite universe. Want to make some afro picks? Nunchaku? Throwing stars? A full-sized Honeybee for your viewing pleasure? We want to see what you all got!

The Black Dynamite brand has been a huge supporter of fan art from the very beginning. How cool is it to see them expanding this into 3D on Thingiverse? If you or any of your designer friends are fans of the movie or TV show, this is a great way to show your enthusiasm. Here’s one awesome entry by Thingiverse user Seforin. Nice!