What Mixtape Will You Make?

We just brought the MakerBot Mixtape to a whole new level by releasing the negative file for the Mixtape audio component on Thingiverse! This means that with some skillful boolean operations in a 3D modeling program you’ll be able to make anything on Thingiverse into a Mixtape. If that’s not awesome then I don’t know what is.

We also put together a nice little video that features the creators of the Mixtape – John Briscella and Matt Kroner – to tell you a bit about how it works and how to assemble one. The MakerBot Mixtape was a collaboration that we did with Playbutton. Make sure you read the special little interview that The Creators Project, a wonderful forum for technology and art founded by Vice and Intel, did with our boys this week too.

And if you haven’t seen the video that we did to launch the Mixtape make sure you watch that as well. It’s kind of the most adorable thing ever.

Briscella has already put up a couple of new Mixtape ideas like the Beethoven Mixtape and the Heart Mixtape. I’ve been rocking the hell out of a stellar pink heart mixtape with acid blue buttons and it blows minds left and right.

And now what I want to know is – what Mixtape will YOU make!

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