Game Designer Sid Meier Sees His “Civilization” In 3D

Sid Meier of Civilization (and many other games) visited Baltimore this past weekend.  He was a judge for the Art Bytes Hackathon at the Walter’s Art Museum in Baltimore, MD.  This is the second hackathon I’ve attended at an art museum, and after the successes at both of those, I can only imagine other museums will want to host them too.

Todd Blatt and Sid Meier

One of the problems that many of the museum curators wanted teams to focus on was helping visitors find their way around.  The Walter’s Museum is made up of four separate buildings that are connected with complex staircases and passageways.  One of the teams who won the way finding award was The Waltours team and you can check out their progress here.    The winner of the ‘Wiz Bang’ award was team Time Machine who developed an truly amazing augmented reality app to turn back time on the sculptures in the museum to see what they looked like before natural weathering took its toll.  One team developed Frame which provides historical context alongside the gallery pieces.  Another developed Tanzaku, which allows you to interact with and leave messages for other people at the museum about galleries, collections, and specific works of art.

Sid presented the ‘Fun Award’ to me and Thomas for our work with the MakerBot.  We were able to use 123D Catch and Meshmixer to capture dozens of pieces at the museum.  Thomas and I were able to clean up and share most of them here on Thingiverse and more will be uploaded soon.  Check out our restoration work by looking at the digital rhinoplasty we performed!  Thomas Troy is only 14 and had never used any 3d modeling tools before this weekend, nor had he ever used a MakerBot.  Here is Thomas with his new Serapis swag.

We gave Sid Meier a model of the front cover of the first Civilization game, which I made with The Replicator and boy was he happy.  You can make your own by downloading Cover of Sid Meier’s Civilization.