MakerBotted Keys; Not Just For Handcuffs Anymore

Okay, we all read about the 3D printed key to open up handcuffs. Let’s shift the conversation, eh? What can a MakerBot do for your personal security?

There is an amazing series of lock mechanisms on Thingiverse, the latest appearing today from ttsalo (at the bottom of this post). A couple months ago, we all benefited from this Pin Tumbler Lock from atartanian. You should know that this lock is based on Thing-O-Fun’s Functional Pin Tumbler Lock Model, but it’s huge, like way bigger than any lock would need to be. Maybe you’re making an Alice in Wonderland playset with giant doors. Who knows?


The notes on the Thingiverse page say that IWorkInPixels plans to upload the OpenSCAD file so that we can make not just this lock, but also custom locks for ourselves.

More recently, user ttsalo in Finland started sharing designs for other locks. Here is one for a Lever Tumbler Lock.


In the video here, you can (just barely) see the bar at the base of the mechanism sliding in and out as the key is turned back and forth. With the right settings, and , that would be a pretty strong lock. Ttsalo didn’t stop there. Here’s a Fully Printable Padlock. On the Thingiverse page, he provides a lot of explanation about how to file and sand down certain elements of the whole mechanism make a fluid mechanism.


And now, for the pièce de résistance — no really, resistance — a Lockbox. What would fit in this? An engagement ring, maybe?