New MakerBot Project: The Mixtape!

If you happen to call the MakerBot headquarters today, you should know we’re only listening with one ear. The other one is tuned into this, the new MakerBot Mixtape. Cassette on the outside — yes, made on a MakerBot! — and electronics on the inside.

mix tape


We just released this in our store this morning and we’re already getting a great response. Let’s face it, being able to #make something that we all thought was extinct is awesome. This Mixtape is updated for modern times and ready for you to drag and drop your favorite mix for that special someone.

Get all the  information about the Mixtape here, including how you can buy a preassembled one from MakerBot! We hope you get one today and share it with the people you love to make memories with.

Make on. Rock on.