Prototyping On A MakerBot: POP Portable Device Charger

Alright, it’s a full day on the blog here, but seriously there are just a lot of people using MakerBots now. Animators, mathematicians, and now for an entrepreneur.

This Kickstarter campaign just launched today at 10:00 a.m. and we are happy to say it’s yet another product made possible by the prototyping powers of a MakerBot. Look at the humble little machine sitting behind Jamie, the lead on the POP project.

After a little market test of their idea for a portable device charger, these guys made a prototype of a brand new design on their Thing-O-Matic in ABS plastic and were then able to actually prove the concept. Now when someone asks you what you can actually use a MakerBot for, you can say, “starting a business.”