Tonight! MakerBot Meetup @ Sector67 in Madison, WI

Michael and I have moments ago arrived in Madison, Wisconsin, eager to greet the Power Racing Series winners of the Maker Faire Kansas City tourney: Sector67’s Fauxrrari! Congrats! That and also bring a pair of MakerBot Replicators to the Sector67 hackerspace to share it with all of the membership and guests tonight!




2100 Winnebago St
(In the Atwood neighborhood on the near east side)
Madison, WI 53704

I will be at Sector67 all afternoon, preparing to host our MakerBot Meetup night — with a special emphasis (on my laptop at least) on cleaning up and posting many of the incredible Capture Your Town contributions that myself and others at NYMUG, KC Fabricators, ChiMUG, and Milwaukee Makerspace have #captured this past week. This is a great chance to come over and pickup a few tips and tricks — not only to get a better sense of how to use a series of apps to improve even grotesquely sucky 123D Catch captures, but also to do so in a context that is far less antisocial than me hanging out on my laptop during the meetup tonight.

You know what else you can do? Dive in and help me with this stuff! (Access to a Win7 PC a plus, but not a requirement.)

The “official” (i.e. not laptop-centric) event is tonight from 6pm-8pm — and Chris tells me that there should be a good crowd joining us. I will be grabbing food and drinks for all. I can’t wait to catch up with all of you!