Simpsons And Futurama Creator Matt Groening Uses A MakerBot!


Whenever we meet MakerBotters out in the wild, we remind them that they are in excellent company. Here’s one more for the list. Matt GroeningDavid X. Cohen, and Patric Verrone, the executive producers of Futurama, have a MakerBot in their office! Watch the video above to hear how much they love using it.

Thingiverse fans probably already know that Futurama is a popular theme for designs. So how freaking cool is it to find out that they, including the creator of The Simpsons, use a MakerBot on the daily? And in their downtime, they’re scanning each other with a Kinect.

Let me ask you: do you think these guys should have a Thingiverse page?

Hat tip: @BrianKayton