We Capture The Met, You Capture YOUR TOWN

People who subscribe to our newsletter (check the top right corner of this blog to sign up!), already know that what we’re doing at the Met today is the start of something huge. Like, super huge. The size of the Earth, and we’re putting all of it on Thingiverse.

Or rather, you’re putting it on Thingiverse!

Today is the beginning of the MakerBot Capture Your Town initiative. Just like the artists at the Met this weekend are using their cameras to pick out amazing pieces of art to photograph and process with 123D Catch, you can find the things where you live that make it your home. Maybe it’s an old water fountain in the park, or the office building you drive to every day, or your City Hall, or a statue, or your cat. Maybe it’s a model of the Waldo Emerson Inn in Kennebunk, Maine, that I noticed on Tinkercad yesterday.1


Or this awesome Arch, already on Thingiverse.

Delicate Arch, captured with 123D Catch by ShaanHurley


This is everyone’s chance – my chance, your chance, your grandma’s chance – to realize that we are living in a time where the limits on what we can do with the things around us are dropping like flies. Even if you don’t own a MakerBot, you can contribute to the museum of the future, or #futuremuseum on twitter, that Thingiverse is becoming.

All you need is your camera, a steady hand, and the free software 123D Catch from Autodesk.

Let’s build a map of the world that the MakerBot Community lives in, starting with your town. Watch this blog and our twitter for updates and guidance. Once you are ready to share your models, be sure to tag it on twitter (#futuremuseum) and on Thingiverse (futuremuseum). Get your gears turning and go!



  1. Hey, did anyone notice you can now embed things from Tinkercad?! []