MakerBot’s New Digs!


Well the Wall Street Journal has let the cat out of the bag: we’re moving!

It was just a few weeks ago that I mentioned on this blog that MakerBot had outgrown the Bot Farm on Dean Street in Brooklyn. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the growth has continued, and we’ve signed a lease to take this show on over to Metro Tech Center in Downtown Brooklyn.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, we will have the entire 21st floor at One Metro Tech, which is over 31,000 square feet.

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31,000 square feet! Do you know how many MakerBots we can put in there?! I’m just spitballing here, but I’d guess, like, a million.

As anyone who owns a Replicator knows, we’re a proud Brooklyn company — I say that because with The Replicator, we started lasercutting the word Brooklyn into every machine we produce. We’re super proud to make our products here.

This move to Metro Tech in a couple of months really cements that. We’ll be a member company of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle – that’s Downtown, DUMBO, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and we’ll be joining other awesome tech companies and institutions like NYU’s planned Center for Urban Science and Progress.

Important! We will still be lovingly assembling MakerBots in the BotCave on 3rd Avenue! The machine that will ultimately live on your desk or work table will still be put together and tested inside these handsomely rugged spaces that have become sort of famous. Here’s are some shots of the BotCave through the years.


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Below is the press release on our upcoming move, including statements from our new landlord, Forest City Ratner Companies. You may notice that there’s no mention of abiding by Asimov’s three rules of robotics at our new space, which is a stipulation in our current lease:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

As Bre told the WSJ, not having this in our lease means we’re officially grown up! (But, okay, just so there’s no confusion: we still promise.)

One more little aside: as we grow, our community learns more and more about where we work. So many people have visited the BotCave and BotFarm. But that’s not what community is all about! We want to know where you all work, too. Whether it’s in a highrise building or a circus tent, or if your home and family are your work, we want to see where you spend your days. Send us a pic or tweet it to us @makerbot. Maybe we’ll get enough and we can do a nice slideshow to show what a broad spectrum you all are.



 Monday, May 7, 2012



Michele de Milly/Laura Dolan


MakerBot to MetroTech!: Downtown Brooklyn and FCRC Welcome Innovative 3D Printer Phenom to MetroTechCenter in Brooklyn’s “Tech Triangle”

Growing 125-employee Brooklyn manufacturer plans

to add 50 jobs in 2012 alone

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – May 7, 2012—Forest City Ratner Companies is delighted to welcome the rapidly expanding 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot Industries to MetroTech Center. The 125-person company, which will be expanding to MetroTech this fall, is representative of the bold new wave of creative, entrepreneurial, technology-based tenants whose products and ideas are defining Brooklyn and New York City’s future.

The expansion of MakerBot to MetroTech is a modern-day Brooklyn success story. In 2009, former Seattle schoolteacher Bre Pettis and partners Adam Mayer and Zach Smith co-founded the company with the goal to democratize 3D printing—and business is booming.

Named one of the top 20 startups in NYC, MakerBot is a champion of innovation and shared knowledge, seeking to enable the children of today to solve the problems of tomorrow. The company manufactures The Replicator™, a compact, open-source 3D desktop printer used to make anything up to the size of a loaf of bread out of plastic. In addition to practical applications like designing a replacement knob for a stove or air conditioner, it can produce toys, models,and sculptures as boundless as the imagination. MakerBot has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Colbert Report, Fast Company, Engadget, Make: Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone,, IEEE Spectrum, CNN, Financial Times, NPR, the Economist and others.

“MakerBot is a great example of why Brooklyn is known far and wide as a hub of innovation,” saidBruce C. Ratner, Chairman and CEO of Forest City Ratner, “and we welcome its creative energy to MetroTech Center and Downtown Brooklyn. As you may know, MakerBot manufactures a wildly popular 3D printer called The Replicator™ and we can confirm that Forest City absolutely intends to replicate just what we’ve done today—helping inspiring startups like this one to reach the next phase of their development and bring their expanding operations to MetroTech’s modern office space, where we can accommodate their need to continue to innovate and grow.”

MakerBot, founded in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood, will be leasing a full floor (31,250 square feet) at One MetroTech Center on the 21st floor. Plans are for 50 employees to remain at the company’s current location (87 3rd Avenue), while the rest move to MetroTech. The company expects to create a minimum of 50 jobs in 2012 alone at the new location.

“Expanding to MetroTech is a great move for us, and we’re glad Brooklyn can accommodate us as we grow. The “can-do” spirit of Brooklyn is in each machine that goes out the door— we even laser-cut ‘Brooklyn’ into the back of the machine next to the power button to show our Brooklyn pride.” saidMakerBot co-founder Bre Pettis, “What gets us most excited is when young people get access to a MakerBot in the classroom or because a parent decides a child should grow up understanding the digital design tools of the future. There’s no sign that demand is slowing down anytime soon. It won’t be long before having a MakerBot in your home is as common as having a microwave!”

The announcement comes on the heels of the recent commitment by the City of New York and an academic consortium led by New York University to establish a cutting-edge center for research and science in Downtown Brooklyn. As a cornerstone of the Brooklyn “Tech Triangle”—which includes Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO and the Brooklyn Navy Yard—MetroTech already leases space to Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and looks forward to becoming home to more techtenants in the months ahead.

“New York City is the world’s premier digital city, and MakerBot’s expansion in Brooklyn is another indicator that, as Mayor Bloomberg keeps saying, this is the golden age of digital and tech in New York City—and we are just getting started,” said the City of New York’s Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne “Congratulations to Bre and the entire MakerBot team for their growth and for helping to make New York’s tech community great.”

Downtown Brooklyn has always been home to pioneering  entrepreneurs whose individual spirit has collectively shaped our community”, said Tucker Reed, President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. “MakerBot’s products empower individuals to realize their vision by giving them tools to custom design everyday items, a business model that reinforces the ethos of Downtown Brooklyn and helps solidify our arrival as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship. We are thrilled they are joining us.”

The leasing effort was led by MaryAnne Gilmartin, Executive Vice President of Commercial and Residential Development for Forest City Ratner Companies, along with Ali Esmaeilzadeh, Vice President of Commercial Development and Leasing and CBRE’s MaryAnn Tighe, Howard Fiddle, Keith Caggiano and Evan Haskell. MakerBot was represented by Cushman and Wakefield’s GlennMarkman, Joe Cirone.

About MakerBot Industries

MakerBot Industries brings the future to your desktop with affordable MakerBots. The company’s latest model, The Replicator™, won CNet’s ‘Best in Show’ award for Best Emerging Technology at CES2012 in January. MakerBot’sonline community at allows users to freely share digital designs and collaborate. From the practical to the amazing, from remote control cars to bathtub plugs to wonderful 3D sculpture, has new things every day that can be made on a MakerBot.

About MetroTech Center

MetroTech Center is a $1 billion commercial, academic, and high-technology office complex on a10-block, 16 acre site in Downtown Brooklyn.  Designed around a 3.3-acre landscaped commons, MetroTech Center includes the construction and renovation of more than five million square feet of new commercial space. Below-ground public parking is available at four buildings in MetroTech Center.

About Forest City Ratner Companies

FCRC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forest City Enterprises, Inc., owns and operates 32 properties in the New York metropolitan area.

About Forest City Enterprises

Forest City Enterprises, Inc. is an NYSE-listed national real estate company with $10.5 billion in total assets. The Company is principally engaged in the ownership, development, management and acquisition of commercial and residential real estate and land throughout the United States. For more information, visit