Lattice Structures By Marius Watz

Marius Watz' lattice structure, using Modelbuilder and The Replicator

Marius is looking for a few extra eyeballs on his Github Modelbuilder repository. Can you help?

He’s been using Modelbuilder to build lattice structures with his Replicator. But oh,

…did I mention I’m actually pretty bad at math? Doing computational geometry for a week straight has made me feel a little smarter, but all that does is make me better equipped to understand how little I really know. I can’t help but feel that CAD professionals would snicker at my minor victories considering that every feature I laboriously implement has been standard issue in every CAD package for over a decade. Still, the satisfaction of doing it yourself and knowing exactly how the code will behave makes it worth the struggle.

Kudos on pushing through to figure it out yourself! Check out Marius’ Flickr page, too. The distorted structures you can see there are pretty awesome.