Robot Makes Chairs Out Of Refrigerators; Really!

In response to a couple of conversations, here’s a video of a gorgeous 3D-printed chair and a pretty funky dancing robot (notice the choreography at the end).


The plastic used in the printing above is recycled from old refrigerators and other appliances. The chair is from a line of “Endless” furniture from Dirk Vander Kooij, and will be on display at Milan Furniture Fair next week.

This reminded me of a tweet from Shawn Grover (@open2space) asked us what to do with discarded rafts and scrap plastic. Our high-grade, virgin ABS unfortunately is often not accepted in many municipalities, since it lacks a Recycling logo. The material is, however, recyclable. Perhaps Shawn should devise a kind of ABS puck maker to imprint the well-known symbol onto a chunk discarded ABS and put it up on Thingiverse!

The video also made me think of points by AKron, Joe Larson, and danman on this post. We were discussing the possibility of the physical features that are native to things printed through extrusion. To my eye, the low-res process in this video adds a ribbing to the chair that is quite appealing. Joe thinks the problems will be “fixed” as printing moves toward higher and higher resolution, and he is surely right. But I’d almost prefer the chair above to the same shape with a smooth finish.