Will 3D Printing Improve The World?

What do you think of this? The Austrian artist and futurist Horst Hörtner shared some of his thoughts with The Brisbane Times about the future of 3D printing. Hörtner is the Senior Director of Futurelab, a division of Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria. In the article here, he was speaking in terms of textiles on-demand, but in a broader sense said he wasn’t “sure of the outcome of the idea of 3D printing in terms of whether it will make the world a better place, but I am sure it will make the world a totally different place. It will change our society drastically.”

The last half is certain, but what about the first? Will 3D printing make the world better? I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s an interview with Hörtner discussing the 2011 Ars Electronica festival.