Which Shoes Should I Print For This Outfit?

I might be on a bit of a fashion kick. On Friday we saw personalized shoes on demand, and today a lovely dress project from a few members of our team here, and now a word from the Smithsonian Design Decoded blog on the future of 3D-printed footwear.

For example, feast your eyes on this pair of “Invisible Shoes” from Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves.

Invisible Shoes by Andrei Chaves

The post does note that many of the materials used in 3D printing may not be ready for prime time in footwear.

Most polymers used in 3D printers are too hard and inflexible to make a comfortable shoe, although fashion students and designers have not been deterred from producing them, if only for one lap down a runway.

That, right there, is awesome. Especially in the case above, the artist worked with what was available to push the limits of the design, and the design will drive the demand for the needed materials. This is truly a case where life will catch up to imitate the art.