Design a Chess Set – Win a MakerBot!

As our fellow citizens at Thingiverse have proven time and time and time and time again, printing your own custom chess set can be one of the greatest joys of owning a MakerBot. Have you got a brilliant design for a chess set that you want to share? Want a MakerBot Replicator?

Ready, set, CHALLENGE!  

Model all six characters in Tinkercad: pawn, king, queen, knight, bishop and rook. Start from scratch or use the chess set template to build your characters. The best entry will win a brand new Makerbot Replicator! Just upload your design to Thingiverse tagged with #chess and #tinkercad.

Contest ends midnight, April 1st PST.

Jury: designers from both Makerbot and Tinkercad.

Prizes: Winner receives one MakerBot Replicator.

Honorary mentions: glory and fame in the Maker community.


Design the chess set with Tinkercad.

One entry should include six different characters (pawn, king, queen, knight, bishop and rook).

Maximum dimensions for each character is 20x20x70mm.

Competition is open for everyone.

You can submit as many entries as you want.

Entry must have #Chess hashtag in its name and the design must be uploaded to Thingiverse with tags “chess” and “Tinkercad”.

Final deadline is 1st of April 2012 at midnight, PST.

Jury will publish the winners in the Tinkercad and Makerbot blog after the challenge.

Things to remember:

Does your entry make the jury say “Oh wow”?
Is the design 3D printable on Makerbot?
Would your granny or your kids enjoy your design?

How to submit an entry:

1. Model the whole set (6 characters) with Tinkercad.
2. Publish the designs in Tinkercad and upload the models to Thingiverse.
In Tinkercad add a hashtag #Chess to the name.
In Thingiverse add tags “chess” and “Tinkercad” to your design.

Visit the Contest Page at Tinkercad for more.

Any questions?

Email or post your questions on Facebook or Twitter.