MakerBot Replicators Out Into The Wild

todbot with Cupcake #0002 and Replicator #7523

The Replicators are among us. And one way you can keep up with this unfolding story is by following the #MyMakerBot project on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, a way for MakerBot Operators to share their MakerBot Numbers and first prints with the world.

The serial on the back of our bots is not a set of random digits. Each new bot joins a continuity of unique MakerBot numbers that carry forward from the handwriting on the first CupCake, to the laser-etches on the back of The Replicator. MakerBot Operators can often be seen proclaiming their MakerBot Number with pride when their bot accomplishes a print they are excited about.

Check out maker Tod Kurt of ThingM pictured above, better known as todbot, proud owner of both the first CupCake purchased by the public, CupCake #0002, and recipient of the first Replicator shipped out from our facility, Replicator #7523. Talk about early adopter! He has been sharing images of his bot and first prints via flickr and has also introduced his new bot over to the Los Angeles-based hackerspace, Crash Space. His first set of prints is below!

Todbot's first things printed on his new MakerBot Replicator!

Todbot's first things printed on his new MakerBot Replicator!

Getting a New MakerBot? Here’s How You Can Participate!

Claim your spot in MakerBot history by snapping a photo of yourself next to your MakerBot and upload it to MakerBot Flickr group. You don’t have to have a Replicator to play along — all MakerBots are welcome! After your photo is up on Flickr, share your photo with the rest of the world via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with hashtag “#MyMakerBot” and your MakerBot Number!

Once you’ve got your MakerBot calibrated, you’re going to want to start making things. We created to be a place where you can share digital designs. Scroll through the thousands of projects and consider the infinite possibilities suggested by your own design imagination — what will be the first thing you make with your MakerBot?

Take a picture of your first thing — tag it with “#MyMakerBot” so we can follow along!

Recent #MyMakerBot Photos!

Here are a few of the dozens of photos that have been going up — where is yours?