Design Challenge: Hand Gondola

"Okay" by cyclone

"Okay" by cyclone

Using the really excellent information over at Sandy Noble’s Polargraph website and with help from John Abella and a few others I’ve built a drawing robot.  While I’m very happy with the printed gondola John designed, I thought that it might be fun to have a gondola in the shape of a hand.  I have no idea if it would work well or terribly, but I do know it would be fun.  Here’s the challenge:

  • Design an STL of a printable scanned copy of a human hand in the position of holding a pen for drawing/writing.
  • The hand would need to have a way to attach to two lines of thin monofilament on the left and right.
  • The hand would need to have a way to hold pens of slightly varying diameter.
  • Upload your designs to Thingiverse with an open license and tag it “drawbothand

The person who uploads a hand gondola gets 9000 internet points and, if they wish, a picture drawn by my robot!

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