Artwork by Micah Ganske Arrives on Thingiverse!

Back in September, hot on the tail of World Maker Faire 2011, the MakerBot Marketing crew teamed up with to help gifted artist and (at the time) recent MakerBot Operator newbie Micah Ganske develop and edition a small print-on-demand series of sculptural works for the Affordable Art Fair in New York. These pieces drew much attention around the time of AAF — including articles in The Wall Street Journal and a piece in Modern Painters magazine — even before becoming part of Ganske’s solo exhibition Tomorrow Land at RH Gallery, which closed only a few weeks ago.

Following a lead established by past MakerBot Artist-in-Residence Marius Watz, Ganske has just now released several of his projects on Thingiverse with a Creative Commons license that permits MakerBot Operators all over the world to make his sculptures for themselves. Like Watz, Ganske sees no difficulty offering both supervised and signed pieces of his work in a limited edition for a collectors/gallery setting and also offering a version for download for  those with 3D printers who wish to execute their own non-commercial replicas of his work.

The collaboration with Ganske — himself now quite an accomplished, enthusiastic MakerBot Operator — didn’t stop with his first pieces: he was commissioned by MakerBot to create illustrations, including what MAKE described as that “awesome poster annoucing the launch of The Replicator 3D printer“!

Check out Ganske’s releases here!

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We are looking forward to seeing Micah’s work appearing in homes and other settings around the world, and you might catch a glimpse of Micah’s posters in a city near you….