Print This Coin and Stop SOPA, PIPA!

The Internet is a fascinating place, providing the creative, industrious and entrepreneurial with an equal and open platform from which to be heard.

Our elected Representatives have been misled to believe that the needs of a few increasingly irrelevant corporate entities outweigh all the great things a free and open Internet has brought to the world.

Join us in reminding our congressional delegations that by altering the rules to protect the few, they will close the door on so many infinite possibilities the future may have held.

The rule of thumb is that a letter is 100X the value of a phone call. If a 2D action gets a 100X multiplier, then a 3D action could get 1000X the multiplier.

Please go to Thinigiverse and print this coin, and mail it to your Senator and Congressman.

Find your representative here: