Unidentified Flying Objects – and a small challenge

Loud and dangerous you say?  Tell me more!

Loud AND dangerous you say? Tell me more!

The last six months or so have seen a noticeable increase in the number of designs on Thingiverse devoted to flying objects.  People are uploading designs for printed ‘copter motor holders, electronics holders, and full frames.  You can find most of them under the names of  “helicopter,” “tricopter,” “quadcopter,” or “quadrocopter” with 32, 5, 3, and 27 things associated with each, respectively.

The photo above is taken from “Quadracopter body” by avh.  He offers this warning, “It is not only loud, but quite dangerous, so flying over people is not recommended!”  (I’m sure he’s still working out the kinks.)

In any case, we may have been promised jet packs and hovercars, but at least the day of printing your own mini-copter are fast approaching.

Now for the challenge part…  9000 internet points and bragging rights to the person who can get me an on-board flight video1 from any kind of ‘copter sporting any number of printed parts.

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  1. Yes, I know that is redundant []