Happy Christmas, welcome new MakerBotters! (Time to read the manual!)

Thanks to vik for the image!

To all of you who are celebrating the popular winter holiday today, from all of us at MakerBot: Merry Christmas.  We hope that you all are enjoying it in health and prosperity.

If you’ve just unboxed a brand-new Thing-O-Matic kit, welcome to the MakerBot community!  You’ll most likely want to have a look at our build instructions and Quick Start Guide to get started!  I know it’s all very exciting, but make sure you read and understand those instructions before starting your build.  If you do have issues you can’t resolve on your own, make sure that you email us at support@makerbot.com and we’ll get back to as soon as we can.

And to all of those who have just given the gift of MakerBot: enjoy a nice, quiet day, and make sure that your loved one doesn’t forget to feed him or herself.

Happy Holidays!