Jingle Bells Dinosaur Skull

NOTHING says Christmas more than an animatronic 3D printed dinosaur skull singing “Jingle Bells.”  In the creator, rweaving‘s, own words:

It was my son’s idea to create a dinosaur skull that would sing jingle bells. This is the result of that project. The skull is controlled via servo motor triggered by the music. The skull, stand and mechanics were printed using a Makerbot Thingomatic. You can make your own by going to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14248

But, perhaps the best part of all was rweaving’s comment afterwards:

I love being able to take my 4 year old’s crazy idea and making it into reality.

Can you imagine if your parents had a Thing-O-Matic?  Just look back at some of the wacky things your parents put up on their fridge or office wall, the wacky amazing things that were only possible in your 4-year-old mind… and now think about how insanely cool the world would have been if your parents had said, “Sure thing kiddo, we can print that.”

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