Advanced 3-D Modeling workshops for MakerBot Educators: still room to sign up!

If you’re an educator, there’s still room left to sign up for the Advanced 3-D Modeling workshops on 12/03/11 and 12/10/11.

This workshop is aimed at teachers who already have some experience using a MakerBot in a classroom, teaching 3-D modeling, or have attended one of our intro workshops. We will be taking a computational approach to creating 3-D Models, focusing on OpenSCAD and Processing. Why such an analytical approach? The MakerBot has the potential to not only inspire students to be designers, but also inspire a deep interest in Mathematics and Generative Art. Whether it is incorporating geometry, algebra, trigonometry, or even calculus, using these computational modeling tools in conjunction with a MakerBot can make analytical topics more hands-on and engaging.

The first part of the workshop will focus on programming CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) using OpenSCAD. The rest of the workshop will focus on polygonal and subdivision surface modeling using Processing. In addition to going through code examples, we will explain the advantages/disadvantages of each approach, and discuss the relevant academic and commercial applications.

Please bring a laptop computer to the workshop.

RSVP link for December 3th, 10AM-2PM:

RSVP link for December 10th, 10AM-2PM: