Black Friday deal extended for Cyber Monday!!

The November issue of the MakerBot Newsletter which we launched last Friday morning offered a very special set of coupon codes, valid for “Black Friday” until the end of “Cyber Monday” (Nov 28th). A coupon, in fact, that we’ve never been able to offer before:  tremendous discounts on our flagship MakerBot Thing-O-Matic fully-assembled and user-assembled kits. This discount was so popular over the weekend, that we have decided to extend it to all of our community, even those who have not yet signed up for our newsletter.1

MakerBot Thing-O-Matic Newsletter Discount

For a $1999.00 fully-assembled kit: use coupon code TRYPTOPHAN.
For a $999.00 user-assembled kit: use coupon code TURKEYSTUFFER.

While the coupon codes were created solely for those who signed up for the newsletter, these codes will work for anyone who uses them in the coupon code part of checkout in our online shopping cart. This deal is only valid until midnight EST (“New York”) time, so those interested should jump on this now before these discounted kits sell out or the window on the coupon code closes. Feel free to share these coupon codes as widely while they still function! We want everyone possible to take advantage of this extremely unusual discount.

While you are at it, take a glance at our November newsletter!


  1. We encourage you to sign up here so that you can be informed about our discounts and breaking news in the future. []