Some days the dragon wins…

Toggles by larsie

Toggles by larsie

But that day shall not be today, thanks to larsie for his son’s shoelace toggles.

Hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, billions of dollars in the footware industry, and using small ropes to lash bits of leather and rubber to our feet is the best we could come up with?  Tying knots in shoelaces has got to be one of the most ridiculous activities in the world.  It’s difficult to learn as a child,1 the laces always come undone at inconvenient times, you can trip on them when they do, and you never notice until its too late.  Thankfully I don’t remember the days when I was frustrated with the vagaries and inefficiencies that are shoelaces. 2

Can you imagine putting yourself in larsie’s son’s place? 3  The poor guy was so frustrated with tying his shoes that he didn’t want to wear them on the way to kindergarten!  Thus, today’s MakerBot hero is larsie for leaping into action and realizing he could design and print spring-operated toggles so quickly he could get his child to school on time!

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  1. Wait, wait, wait…  the bunny hops where?  Why?  What did he see?  Why didn’t he go the other way around??? []
  2. But, mom, why CAN’T I have velcro shoes?! []
  3. I had to physically restrain myself from making the obvious pun here… []