Turtle Shell Racers on The Engadget Show


Check out this video of the folks at Engadget racing a duo of turtle shell racers around their offices!

The lil’ guys weren’t too tired to pay a visit to the live taping of the Engadget Show yesterday, where they were a big hit with the audience! Hosts Brian Heater and Tim Stevens drove them around the studio as an intro to a segment on Maker Faire NYC, which featured the turtle shell race track and designer Michael Curry (Skimbal).

The Engadget team also devoted a blog post to the turtle shell racers.  Here’s just a little of what they had to say:

“MakerBot’s Turtle Shell Racers may well be just the ambassador that the world of 3D printing needs. The toy football-sized RC cars are proof positive that the devices can turn just about anything you can imagine into reality.”