MakerBot Raceway vs Death Race 2000— Raceway Targets by Clothbot

It has been a passion of mine for a long time (about a week) to create “Raceway Targets” that can be run over for World Maker Faire 2011. Perhaps to gain points, perhaps to lose points, perhaps just to be ridiculous.

Thankfully, Andrew Plumb (aka Clothbot) built an OpenSCAD project for the brace and the hinged mount that I was requesting — and  leveled up the whole concept.

So now it is time for you to create your own 2D designs and 3D silhouettes to be used to make Raceway Targets of your own. Please share your own targets by making derivatives of the Raceway Targets thing, and tag your item “raceway” so we’ll see to print them out.

Check out my Raceway Targets Set 01 (with the Chicken That Didn’t Cross the Room) and ecohen‘s Flat Yodsta / Gangda as a place to get started.

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