Bre Pettis Bioloid Head by Skimbal – in Action!

The apotheosis of the Bre-scan mashup has finally arrived, thanks to a collaboration between Michael Curry (Skimbal), Michael Overstreet (I-Bioloid), & Luis E. Rodriguez (Luis). While much of the magic here is indeed below the neck, it is remarkable how well Curry’s implementation of the head “reads” dramatically and brings the whole robot together. I thought it worth posting again to share this video. I’m looking forward to seeing Boomer/Bre Bot in more detail at World Maker Faire 2011.

I learned two things from this video. One, the head scan really sells me on the robot as a character. Two, I am really scared of my boss now.

Curry writes in his Thingiverse release: “Bre Pettis’ head adapted to match the Bioloid bracket system and artfully grafted onto a new, superior, robot body. I for one welcome our new robotic CEO…”

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