Bespoke Pencil Case

Pencil Case for Exactly 10 Pencil

Pencil Case for Exactly 10 Pencil

After my daughter and I were drawing the other day I commented to my wife how cool it would be to carry around a few colored pencils of my own for when I feel like doodling or sketching. 1 2  A few days later she presented me with an excellent selection of 10 short colored pencils that were duplicates from my daughter’s collection. 34567

However, now that I had these ten little pencils, I was faced with the challenge of how to carry them around.  After measuring them with my trusty calipers, I found they were 7mm from flat side to flat side on a cross-section.  The above design uses a “width” of 7.2mm, which has resulted in an excellent fit.  Each of the pencils falls/slides easily into a vacant hexagonal slot.  The printed cap could be printed by increasing the “width” of the pencils.  8  I’ve included the OpenSCAD file for anyone to peruse.  Before you try to render it, please note it uses the MCAD library of shapes for OpenSCAD to create the hexagons. 9

Without my trust Thing-O-Matic at the ready, I would never be able to find the perfect little pencil case for these pencils.  And, not taken a very large sample reading of other pencils10 I wouldn’t even know if a case for other pencils would fit these little ones.  Perhaps my favorite part about this design is that when you slide these little pencils into the case, you just know this case was custom made for these ten pencils.11

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  1. As opposed to working. []
  2. Which is pretty much always. []
  3. She’ll never miss them. []
  4. In part because she has so many.  In part because it will still be a year before she can read and a few more years until she could find this blog post. []
  5. “Those pencils, honey?  Oh, those are daddy’s pencils.” []
  6. Actually, I already know what the true price of these pencils will be.  My daughter will request her own little pencil case – which I will be only too happy to print for her. []
  7. “What color, honey?”  “Pink!  PINK!“ []
  8. The cap pictured is from the prior draft print. []
  9. If only someone would get off their bum and write a tutorial about OpenSCAD libraries! []
  10. That is to say I didn’t measure any others… []
  11. You probably know, but in case you don’t: – bespoke. []