3D Printed Animatronic Hand

How do you take an already-amazing animatronic hand, and make it even cooler?  You 3D Print it!

For the past year, Easton L has been developing his concept for an animatronic hand capable of being controlled by a flex-sensor equipped glove.  For his latest prototype, Easton created a derivative work of a 3D printable hand already available on thingiverse, and constructed a forearm using fiberglass.  Since  I had been lending Easton advice on the project for some time anyways, and he was unable to get access to a 3D printer, I volunteered to “makerbot” the components for the hand and send them to him.  The result is seriously impressive, and it works exactly as you would expect – Flex your finger, and the corresponding finger responds on the hand.  It’s strong enough to pickup full cans, and versatile enough to pick up tennis balls and other unusually shaped objects.

His work is so impressive, in fact, that Easton has been featured in the September issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine (check out their post about him online).  This project is totally open source, so download the cad files from thingiverse, and the source from my site.

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