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Deathstar by Andr0id

Deathstar by Andr0id

Even before I had my very first MakerBot assembled and operational, there was something I wanted to print – a Deathstar.  I’m a big believer in setting goals.  I helps to keep one honest and true to one’s own intentions.  When it comes to my own to-do list of things I’ve always wanted to print, a little Deathstar just kept getting put off because I was always having too much fun designing and printing other things. 12

So!  Thank you to Thingiverse user Andr0id for helping me cross one more thing off my 3D printing list!

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  1. Amusingly, it really wouldn’t have taken all that long!  It would probably have been about 10 lines in OpenSCAD. []
  2. Make that exactly 10 lines!

    1. difference()
    2. {
    3.      sphere(30,$fn=30);
    4.      translate([29,0,29]) sphere(15, $fn=30);
    5.      difference()
    6.      {
    7.           cylinder(2,32,32,center=true);
    8.           cylinder(3,28,28,center=true);
    9.      }
    10. }