MakerBotting is Cheap!

What is the real cost of MakerBotting? Nick Starno, MakerBot Engineer decided to find out. He did some SCIENCE and made this handy chart so you can plan things out. You’ll notice that the electricity cost is at $.15 in this equation. That is a little bit more than we pay for it here in NYC, but we thought we’d adjust up in case your electricity is more. You’ll notice that the timing of the centimeter cubes is all the same, even though there are different infill settings. That’s because “cool” was turned on, which makes small layers take 15 seconds so they get a chance to cool. Even with solid infill, it needed to be slowed down to make each layer take 15 seconds and so they are all the same time! In the settings, these each have 1 shell so each model has two perimeters. The time noted here did not include warmup time. Using the new Print-O-Matic functionality in ReplicatorG, this was printed with a .4mm nozzle and a .3mm layer height and 30mm/sec feedrate.

We are proud of our plastic. We get the best plastic possible with great tolerances and we make it as cheap as we can! If you’ve done your own experiments in regards to power usage and costs. Drop us a note in the comments!